Skinny Legs Fast: Video Instructions

In this video you will learn: – A great thigh workout for women- 3 leg exercises – A complete leg workout for women- How to get skinny thighs.

Today I’m going to show you three effective moves for sexy glutes and stronglegs. So the first exercise we are going to do is the step up. First things first, remember your safety.

Get that foot all the way onthe bench with chest lifted and abs engaged. Now step up with the right leg and step rightback down. That’s one set, all on one leg. Right leg up right leg back down. Now switch sides, Left leg up left leg down. Now we move into sumo squats. Drop the weights. A nice variation on this is to squat down chest lifted abs engaged.

Come out to the side and you can change it up either by flexing the foot or pointing the toe so flex and point. And our final exercise is the plea squat. Take the weight and bring the shoulders back with toes pointed outward. Now you’re going to come all the way down all the way back up. All the way down and all the way backup. Those are three sexy moves for glutes andstrong legs. Watch the video here:

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