Top Fat Burning Foods To Burn More Fat

What are some of the Top Fat Burning Foods that can pump up your metabolism?  We will show you how eating these foods you can make your body burn more fat.

Citrus Foods. As you can imagine citrus fruits are among the top fat burning foods.  We recommend eating a variety of fruits such as limes, lemons, tangerines and oranges.  You will get more benefits from eating all of the fruit as opposed to just drinking the juice.  The fruit contains fiber and fiber is one the best fat fighters around.  Another recommendation for citrus is tomatoes if you are not a fruit lover.  Try eating lots of tomatoes in your homemade sauces and soups for more fat burning power.

Ginger. One of the top fat burning foods is Ginger. Ginger is a vasodilator, I am sure you are wondering what that is. This means that it helps open up the blood vessels to improve circulation. What that does is pump up the metabolism and of course burn more calories. Research has shown that people who consume ginger tend to lose up to twenty percent more fat than those who do not.

To really make this work for you try asian dishes that mix ginger and citrus flavors together. You can find many of these recipes online and you will find the food enjoyable while it helps you burn fat.

Fat-Burning-FoodsOatmeal is high in fiber this helps keep your blood glucose levels stable and keeps your system running good. Oatmeal is also filling which of course helps you feel full and less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.  Try eating your oatmeal with low fat milk which is another proven fat burning food.  Foods that are high in fiber like oatmeal are among the top fat burning foods because they help flush the fat from your system.

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Beans and Nuts contain protein which is very important for building muscle which in turn burns fat faster.  One of the reasons they are among the top fat burning foods is that they are full of fiber and are full of nutrition.  So like oatmeal the fiber helps jumpstart the metabolism and keep it running at a high rate for many hours along with making you fill full.

Olive Oil. By consuming olive oil you can actually lower your bad cholesterol and pump up your metabolic rate. Olive oil is filled with unsaturated fats which increase high denisty lipids in the blood and in turn flush the bad cholesterol from the body.  In your recipes substitute olive oil for butter or margarine to improve your health and fight fat.

These top fat burning foods can put you on the road to success.  Try adding some fun exercises into your routine and you will be healthy and fit!